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Artist Sharon Romeo with Tree of Life
Positive Growth Leaf Sculpture
Cherish One Off Automatic Gate
The Blessing Tree Made To Order Gate
Modern Line Made To Order Gate
Curves and Edges Metal Art Gate Artist S
Camden South Public School Curves and Ed
Sukura Automatic Gate Metal art - Curves
The Enlightenment Gate
Peace & Harmony Automated Gate
Family Crest Gate
Canine Country Club Automatic Gate Art
One Off Stainless Water featureu
Fire Pit Sphere influenced by our Ab
Custom One Off Designed Balustrades
The Glory Of Mother Nature 9m art
Abundance Gate
Sharon Romeo Artist - The Tree of Wisdom
Sharon Romeo Artist - The Tree of Wisdom
Pool Filter Cover
Custom Fire Pit Sphere
Sweet Dreams Bedhead
Custom Designed Door Screens
Magnolia Gate Art
Medieval Magic Gate
Abundance Gate
Graceful Strength Gate
Bloom Design
Medieval Magic Gate
High Quality Cutting
Enchanted Forest Mirror
Custom sized - Abundance Wall Art
Forest Sculpture
Boab Tree Sculpture
Contemp Wall Art
Elegance Mirror
Fire Pit Spheres by Curves and Edges 1.j
About us



About Curves and Edges

Metal Art by Artist Sharon Romeo

Located amongst the beautiful Wollondilly mountains outside of Sydney, Curves and Edges designs, manufactures and installs artistic and unique metal art. 

Come and take a journey with intuitive Artist Sharon Romeo (Bachelor of Fine Arts UNSW) as she designs beautifully inspiring metal artworks. Her ability to tap into her clients needs and pleasantly work with them side by side to create the most amazing meaningful and personal pieces. Sharon's stages of design are weeks of carefuld creation from sketch stage, to graphics and final  that inspire, heal and full-fill the space in question. Along side Engineer Jon Romeo with over 25 years experience in the engineering industry her creations are brought to life with high quality manufacturing processes, for a superior end result for each and every client. Great care is taken in every process from original sketches, proposals, design and manufacture.

Artist Sharon Romeo - Curves and Edges M
Jon Romeo Curves and Edges Pty Ltd - Metal Art.jpg

Engineer Jon Romeo



Fine Artist and Graphic Designer

Sharon Romeo

Artist Sharon Romeo Curves and Edges Met
Artist Sharon Romeo Curves and Edges Met

Take a look around our site and discover the opportunities available for you.


No job is too small and we appreciate that every piece is meaningful to our customers and we promise a personal service to you.

To start the process you can choose from one of our Made To Order Designs, or you may have your own ideas which Sharon can create for you. Just give her a call and you never know what exciting creation you might be displaying in your space.

Great care and attention is taken by us in the design, manufacture and assembly of each metal artwork 

Our metal art will add creativity to your space - Artist and Designer Sharon Romeo is a Bachelor of Fine Arts that has worked as a Graphic Designer for many years. Sharon teams up with Jon Romeo - a specialized Engineer that managed high end precision components and equipment for the Defence, Aerospace and Automotive industries. Their expertise together allow them to create artistic and innovative quality solutions for landcapers, builders, community projects, families and other businesses. 

boab tree video



Artist Sharon Romeo

Bachelor of FINE ARTS University of NSW





BFA, Designer

Artist Sharon Romeo - Curves and Edges M

ARTIST - Sharon Romeo


As an artist, my artworks give me so much joy. I have them placed all around my home and everyday I feel blessed to be given such a talent. My grandfather was an artist and my mother is an artist... art has always been my passion even as a child and to be able to inspire others with my work is the most satisfying feeling.

I am an INTUITIVE ARTIST. In many cases I see my artworks before I meet the customer it belongs to, or when I meet my clients and I stand in their space, I feel their needs and all of a sudden my mind is filled with direction and purpose. Combining my intuitive gift and my talent as a Fine Artist has allowed me to make magic for so many happy customers.

The process I work is quite involved so that I create a quality and original work of art for my customers. 


I'm happy to chat with you, should you be looking for something different and personal and that everyday will work magic for you.

Intuitive Artist Sharon Romeo, Curves an
Artist Sharon Romeo Curves and Edges, ti
Artist Sharon Romeo The Tree Of Wisdom M
Artist Sharon Romeo.jpg



Innovative and Engineered to


Contact Us



Email or call us

For questions about any of our products, or help with placing your order,

don't hesitate to contact Sharon on  /  Sharon Romeo:  0410 648 361

Jon Romeo:  0456 371 656 

Thank you for contacting Curves and Edges. We will respond to your email shortly.

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