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You can choose to finish your screens with folded edges (refer to Diagram A)  or a hidden support frame

welded to the back face (refer to Diagram B) . The folded edge option can be done on two or all four sides - for an enclosed light box feature. Both finishes can be wall mounted or attached to posts (for a freestanding installation). 

Please refer to our diagrams below for each option.

Free Standing installation: with posts

Posts can be solid timber or steel square tubes


Posts can be concreted in the ground or feet can be added and fixed to an existing concrete slab

Wall Mounted Installation: Screen with folded edge - all four sides folded or top and bottom only.

Screen hangs on wall mount dyna bolt with washers to easily and safely secure to the wall

Dyna Bolt

to wall and screen


Screen with folded edge





Edge of screen can be finished with either a folded edge (refer to Diagram A) or a hidden support frame on reverse side (refer to diagram B) 


solid timber or steel square tubes

Diagram A



Wall Mounted Installation, offset to wall: Screen with hidden support frame

Hidden support frame 25mm x 25mm is welded to back face of screen


6 offset wall mount feet are welded to the back face of screen. Offset length can be 50mm - 100mm


Wall mount feet

length selection 50mm to 100mm


Diagram B

Hidden support frame

Picture Frame Finish

25x25mm hollow metal frame is welded around screen.

Screen is welded along the centre of the 25mm frame.



Hidden support frame

25mm x 25mm

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