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'The Blessing Tree'

Seen above in an automatic gate structure

The Blessing Tree is a sentimental artwork of two Walnut trees that grow intertwined around each other like an embrace. Together they form one Walnut tree, appearing symmetrical as they grow in unison. This symbolizes life together with the person we love and how growing together harmoniously provides balance, strength and beauty. Family is represented at the base of the two trees where we see new saplings - symbolising the blessing of not only new life and future generations but of new future opportunities and projects.

This artwork represents a place of strength and protection. This is symbolised in the large branches of the Walnut Trees. The Blessing Tree provides a safe home for those birds living inside its thick foliage -the Kookaburra, Rainbow Lorikeet, White Cockatoo, King Parrot and Owl. Its branches grow outwards and upwards as if protecting the land it grows on. It creates a canopy of shade for the milking cows peacefully grazing, the Draught horse and Stock-horse resting for the day.

This artwork promotes the gathering of positive energy needed for new projects, new opportunities and success. The two butterflies are a reminder to allow ourselves to feel the lightness and joy that comes with success.

ARTIST Sharon Romeo

the blessing tree artwork

This artwork can be created into a large wall screen or incorporated into one of our automated gates.